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1. name
2. age
3. location
-Chesnee, South Carolina
4. gender
5. marital status (picture?)
6. favorite bands (no more than 10)
-Murderdolls, FDQ, Marilyn Manson, SlipKnoT, From First To Last, Alice Cooper
7. favorite books
-I've read a lot of R.L. Stine books that I liked, but the only ones I can remember are: Bad Dreams, Dangerous Girls 2: The Taste Of The Night, and Truth Or Dare. But I've read A LOT more.
8. favortie movies
-The Devil's Rejects, The Night Of The Living Dead, The Return Of The Living Dead, Cube, Big Money Hustlas, Cude, and With Out a Paddle...
9. last show/concert you went to
-A small gathering in town where Headsnap played
10. 10 interests
-Necrophilla, corpses, jack-o-laterns, when people puke, and other stuff.
11. hobbies
-Drawing, Writing, Listening to music, Reading a GOOD book, Playing with my dog, and Walking around town.
12. AT LEAST 3 clear pictures of yourself

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