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1. name. Chelsea
2. age. 16
3. location. Ohio
4. gender. Female
5. marital status (picture?).
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6. favorite bands (no more than 10). The Flatliners, Blanks-77, Leftover Crack, The Skulls, X, Die Hunns, Total Chaos, Wasted Youth, The Briefs, Lower Class Brats
7. favorite books. The Giver, A Clockwork Orange, The New Thought Police, 1984, Fear And Loathing In Las Vegas
8. favortie movies. A Clockwork Orange, American History X, Elephant, Waking Life, Lords Of Dogtown, Rocky Horror Picture Show, Taxi Driver
9. last show/concert you went to. The Queers w/ The Independents, Drunken Cholos, The Unloveables, and The FGD's
10. 10 interests. Music, photography, computers, politics, skating, body modifications, history, film, Photoshop, journalism
11. hobbies. Playing bass, hanging out, going to shows, taking pictures, chatting online, reading, listening to music, urban exploration
12. AT LEAST 3 clear pictures of yourself.
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