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1. name- Jay
2. age- 15
3. location-Ft. Myers
4. gender-Chick
5. marital status (picture?)-

6. favorite bands (no more than 10)-
Papa roach, Greenday, Finch,Blink 182, Taking back sunday, Story of the year, Fall out boy, Trapt, Finger eleven, Twisted Method
7. favorite books- hmm probably my seventeen magazine
8. favortie movies- thirteen!
9. last show/concert you went to- XFEST!!!
10. 10 interests- cheerleading, football, basketball, hot guys, the beach, eating, music, friends, computers, and SURFING!
11. hobbies- playing guitar, i nline skating
12. Me~~~~

Me Before Homecoming!

Me In Front of my Fire place..

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