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Christine's not the only loser to update during the summer.

Summer is my favorite time of year, I've been having so much fun doing nothing. Nothing consists of going to West Palm, drinking and smoking, hanging out with friends, lounging by the pool, and being bored at times. To me, it doesn't get much better than that.

Summer is going by so fast, it feels like school is gonna be here way too soon. But I'll try not to dwell on that. . . Hope you guys are having a blast!! :)
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dang...i'm really this lame.

Summer is awesome. I got my report card and I passed the tenth grade, whooo! Uhm, I'm kind of anxious for the year to start so I can see my friends, see what my classes are gonna be like and get active with that whole club thing. But then again, I'm sure after it starts chances are I'm gonna start hating school again. Peace bitches.
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I miss my best friend. Cheap ciagars. Stupid kids. And movie stars.

I miss the last song. Well i miss you

Good song.
Anyways. I have mixed feelings about summer. A big part of me is INCREDIBLY (;] Rachel) happy that this school testing bullshit is almost over with. Y'know...no more trying to push your way through the crowded halls. No more almost getting the shit bit out of you for bumping into people. No more going piss in those shit hole bathrooms. And last but not least, no more stupid fucking teachers.

But then there's friends. I know just as well as everyone else that i won't see half of my friends over the summer. I'll miss seeing all those melodramatic fuckers in school. And i'll be bored out of my mind if i don't make fucking plans. But then again, no matter how much you say you're gonna hang out and see each other (even if you promise) it almost NEVER happens.

So i guess it comes down to mixed feelings. But i will indeed love sleeping in as much as possible. And being able to smoke a cigarette [while my parents are working] and not worry about getting caught will be sweet victory.

So, i end this with "I hope you have a good summer" bullshit. :]


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summertime, when the livin's easy.

school is out in what? THREE DAYS! man, i can't wait for summer. it will be filled with hanging out with all my pallies and going to the beach as much as possible. drinking and shmokin' will be key. and hopefully i'll meet some really hott, really cool guy and we can fall in love and make babies. hahaha, i was joking about the baby thing. :)

exams are so easy. even the ones that i have no clue how to do, i seem to do well on. oh how i love slackin' at south dade, and still making A's and B's.

mmk, that's all i gots to say. have fun with the rest of your year guys!

PS i might not be at south dade next year. does that mean i get kicked out of the group?? :(
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Gonna be a summa bum

Summer is gonan be awesome for me...I'm going to do a lot of hanging out with Anthony...Gonna teach him to ride horses..I have a lot of barrel thingys going on...A couple of concerts..gonan go to the keys with steph like everyday..Holiday isle...WHALE HARBOR INN...Fishin' of course, some dolphin compitions with my dad and then take out my dusty 3-wheeler to go mudding!!! lol...Uhhh mall , movies, and have my parents pay for everything cuz i aint gettin no job this summer!!
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jenna is my bennena.

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Tonight is prom! If you need to know where the parties are at just give me a call 7 I'll try & hook you up with all the details. So far I know if Big Mike's, South Beach, & Ricky Hamilton is having some little get together with like 6 cans of beer, oh wow.

So yeah, if you need the hook up just gimme a call 7865661357.
jenna is my bennena.


WTF, everyone's dead! Hah, well this is Rachel for the millionth time on a two millionth username. Add it if you want. & my MySpace is open for friend's, as well!

SO, should I even bother changing the theme? I mean, is anyone really even going to do it?

Anyways, I think I'm going to Colonial Christian next year? & come to think of it, I actually may like it. The school is so small that there probably won't be as much garbage being said around it. Plus Allie goes there.

Okay sooo, my birthday is next Thursday. Finally, 16! GEEZ! I've been waiting so long. It's been almost. Like. 16 YEARS! WTF, that can't be natural ;].

Oh yeah, & if anyone wants to attend my party which will either be tomorrow [Saturday] night, it all depends on who's going to be at the prom after parties, or else the weekend that we get out of school. Call me if you're interested! & if we get enough people there's going to be at least two kegs, so be prepared to chip in with a few buckaroos!


ps/ If anyone wants a Gmail email account, I've got tons of invites. It's way better than hotmail, yahoo, etc. & that's being said from experience ♥.

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Alright, so there's a new theme: SUMMERTIME. Check out the user information page for all of the details.

ps: What do you all think about our new Junior Board/SGA Representatives? I think that they're just dandy, because everyone I voted for got in office. I think.. ♥.