i really am a fake (im_a_fake01) wrote in ______sexx_hair,
i really am a fake


Name: Kevin Reyes
Age: 14
Location: Flint, MI
Gender: Male
Status: Single but i love someone :)

Bands/Singers: The Used, TBS, Incubus, and MCR
Movies: South Park, All CKY movies, Harold and Kumar
Color: Green
Quote: We may have played for twenty thousand, we may have played for ten thousand, all that matters is that I saw boobies and I liked them!
-Brandon Boyd Of Incubus

(x)Least Favorites(x)
Bands: Good Charlotte, Simple Plan, and American Hi-Fi
Singers: don't know
Movies: White Noise and The Village

Drugs: Don't do em
Smoking/Drinking: Don't do em
sex: Hell fucking yeah
MTV: Sucks, full of bullshit reality shows
Religion: Eh i believe in god but i dont like going to church

2-5 pictures of you: will get some soon

♥ ♥ ♥


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