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Make it messy.


Name: Brianna
Age: 16
Location: Creek
Gender: Female
Status: Yo amor Ryan Baker

Bands/Singers: Bright Eyes, The Used, Modest Mouse, Guns n Roses, Nirvana..
Movies: Just Married, andything with John Travolta, The Hours..and I don't know.
Color: Pink
Quote: ?? FUCK

(x)Least Favorites(x)
Bands: The Killers
Singers: Uhh..Jesse Mcartney, Ryan Cabrera
Movies: Anything with sharks or spiders.

Drugs: Don't be too stupid.
Smoking/Drinking: Smoking-can't stand it. Drinking-not worth it.
sex:: Only if its with someone REALLY special.
MTV: Bullshit
Religion: ??

2-5 pictures of you:


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