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welcome to ______sexx_hair  this is a community for those who love me and eachother. go to the info page for the rules. just fill out an app and we will vote to decide wheather you are in. i make the final decision. once your accepted feel free to comment about whatever you want. dont be shy its friends only and everyone here loves you!

heres my app incase you dont know me



Name: brittany sky
Age: 15
Location: creek
Gender: duh
Status: single

Bands/Singers: the used, cky, modest mouse, green day, taking back sunday, ataris
Movies: anchorman, mean girls, dodgeball, romie and michelles high school reunion
Color: pink and green
Quote: boo you whore

(x)Least Favorites(x)
Bands:  anything country, good charlotte,  hanson
Singers: again anything country, jessica simpson, mariah carey
Movies: the grudge, you got served, glitter

Drugs: fine with me...just not like heroin and shit
Smoking/Drinking: smoking is sick drinking is fine...unless you are syrian and you hit me ;)
sex:  quit having it with everyone you slut!
MTV: they need more music...mtv 2 is better
Religion: i dont really know anything about any religion

2-5 pictures of you:



if you look close you can see a face in my hair...yikes!

♥ ♥ ♥

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