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Name: Brooke DAN.
Age: 15
Location: gaines/swartz creek . i have numerous homesteads
Gender: women
Status: single as always

Bands/Singers: METALLICA, yellow day, green card, nirvana, foo fighters, no doubt, finch

Movies: tommy boy, dumb and dumber, zoolander, water boy, big daddy, happy gilmore, billy madison, dodgeball, school of rock, anchorman, meet the parents/fockers, pirates of the caribbean.. ANYTHING JOHNNY DEPP
Color: green
Quote: suck me sideways

(x)Least Favorites(x)
Bands: simple plan .. cant stand him he has the same voice in every song
Singers: JESSE MCCARTNEY.. others may konw him as jmac.. cant stand the kid.

Movies: glitter. i dk anything with a gay ending

Drugs: a lot of my friends do them.. whatever i guess
Smoking/Drinking: same as before
sex: whatever makes you moan
MTV: its okay but i miss the old mtv with all of the music videos.. now its all reality. mtv2 is better for videos
Religion: i dont go to  church i dont think its necessary but do what you gotta do i guess

2-5 pictures of you: i dont have any now but you know what i look like bitch

♥ ♥ ♥

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