KATIE! (xo___katie) wrote in ______sexx_hair,

Name: Katie
Age: 15
Location: creek
Gender: um girl.
Status: Eh, I've got a boyfriend.

Bands/Singers: spitalfield, tbs, the spill canvas, this day and age.
Movies: anchorman, mean girls, dodgeball, tommy boy, billy madison, shawshank redemption, the sweetest thing
Color: teal blue
Quote: ?

(x)Least Favorites(x)
Bands: Backstreet boys
Singers: uhhhh J Lo.
Movies: i have no idea

Drugs: whatever you wanna do
Smoking/Drinking: i hate smoking, drinking is overrated.
sex: if you want to lol
MTV: i dont think ive ever seen a music video on there in my life.
Religion: New Haven Baptist Chuch all the fuckin way.

2-5 pictures of you:

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