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whats with the dates on this community? does anybody read this anymore? i havent added a comment in forever, sorry. but one of the bands im really liking more is maybe dead now im not quite sure...tekulvi.

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ToyBox are an upcoming UK band, who are influenced by Jack Off Jill and Daisy Chainsaw. I'm friends with Peaches (Alice Acidosis - bass/vocals) and Darren (Cinderella Swallows - guitars)... and the more I promote and get more people to like Toybox the more drinks they buy me... :D

They are still practising as of yet, but will start gigging the Northampton, Milton Keynes, Cambridge areas and such like... but will be persuaded to venture out of their home boundaries (the lazy fuckers) with the more people who convince them to gig near to where they live (obviously in the UK)...

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Tuesday, January 25th at The Neptunes Lounge..

Come out for Backstabbers INC's possible last florida run, as well as Relapse Records grind/metal band Bodies In The Gears Of The Apparatus, local favorites Shed For You, my own band Beauty In Chaos, and newcomers Prey To Become and Eugene.

http://www.myspace.com/beautyinchaos for a song off our upcoming EP.

http://www.myspace.com/preytobecome for mp3's off their demo.

http://www.relapse.com for more info on Bodies In The Gears Of The Apparatus.

http://www.backstabbersinc.com for mp3's and more.

http://www.shedforyou.com for mp3's and more.