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we are shutting down ohsoretro.
over half the mods have agreed that this place sucked ass.
alexis, tara, and i have made a new community __escapeartists.
you can join if you'd like.

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I dont know if we can still promote local bands but I think you guys should all check out this band from Hickory area, North Carolina.


They are amazinggg. And I get to see them Saturday.

fuck right i'm in the freezer.


hey all. i realize a few people have left and whatnot. Can we kick it up a tad? Promote like a bitch (I know, I know, I hate bugging people/being bugged, but let's all be hypocrits for a day?). Let's get a hot layout. Let's make an awesome app that people will sweat when they fill it out. Let's make some rad banners and cool info page. I'll help with what I can with graphics. I want this place to kick some major ass. Whaddya all say? I dont want this place to die.