Get ready for a long update on: ME!

I apologize, again, for my lack of participation. Computer story here.Collapse )

My lack of participation is due to the fact that this temporary comp I have now completely sucks. Windows 98, which won't even hold my digital camera software. It also is s-l-o-w as hell. I haven't posted due to lack of new pictures, but I do vote when I can.

In other news, I got my septum pierced on Saturday. I got it pierced with a retainer, since I have to go home for spring break sometime soon. It's funny, you can't see it -- at all. Septum retainers are strange looking. My piercer put it towards the back of my nose, and it's very easy to flip upwards. I'm now up to 19 piercings: ten random ears, both tragus, nose, bellybutton, nipples, double nape, and septum.

I hope to have my computer and software soon, so be prepared for a MAD bunch of pics. There are over 50 pictures on my camera just waiting to be transfered. Also, I just wanted to remind you that I make all of my entries 'friends only', at least when they contain pictures. I'm not vain enough to think, oh they're going to get stolen, but I like the small amount of extra safety 'fo' offers. Thanks for taking the time to read this, sorry again for my lack of activity!~

MOD post

Eek, sorry I haven't been around. I've been a horrible mod. I'm going to get my act together, I promise.

I have a question for all the members...
Shall we continue with themes, or not? The last theme didn't get much participation.
If you do want to do themes, please comment saying so. If you've got an idea for a theme, or if you have a more creative idea for what we could do instead of themes, I'd love to hear that as well. I just need your feedback, because it's a waste of everyone's time if I post a theme that no one wants to participate in.

Hmm..I think that's it. Oh, I made some accepted/rejected banners for the comm the other day, but I haven't had time to host them yet. I'll post them either later today or tomorrow.

Also, I'm now a mod/creator at pimp_my_journal..if you need a layout for yourself or a comm, you should check it out. Of course, I still take requests on my personal account cressidaslayout as well.

Ok, so leave me a comment letting me know what you think about the themes situation.