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Teamwork anyone?

I agree this comm is pretty dead, but just 'being' mods is nothing by itself... we never gave out tips how to be a good mod, just judged. I was kind of reluctant to note that as I'm one of the most recent arivals, but... well, I think this should become a comunity that trains up mods. And then, when they proove themselves, they get a stamp. It would be a much more costructive way of handling things.

Also? we never had any sort of 'conference' of how to liven the comm. Nobody can change things on their own. How to liven up a community? What good mods are we if we can't keep a comm active, goddamnit? A good comunity requres teamwork, and although I'm really having a shitload of personal problems at the present, if anybody is willing to team up with me, I'll rip my time off anything to be here. Yes, I'm a fucking sore looser and I'm not gonna let something I'm part of stall!

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