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Application .

[01] name: Nikki
[02] age: 14
[03] sex: female..I think.
[04] location: Philippines
[05] ONE interesting thing about yourself: When my family members play card games and gamble, I usually watch them and cheer for my mom. Whenever I do that, my mom wins, if I don't, she usually losses. ^^;;

[01] community(ies) that you moderate:
mac_anu & m_board
ranma_rating (co-mod)
fightingrating (co-mod)

[02] how many people are in your community(ies)?
anime_glomps: 60
mac_anu & m_board: 18 (it's an RP, mac_anu is the RP community, and m_board is the OOC community.)
digi_rating: 81
ranma_rating: 71
gravirating: 88
fightingrating (co-mod): 81

[03] what is your job in the community(ies)?
* Well, pretty much everything. I manage the claims list, comment on some of the entries of the members who have "confusing" posts, hold contests, supervising, watching if anyone has violated the rules, etc..

mac_anu & m_board
* The applications are sent to me and I read them thoroughly if the applicant is really worth accepting to the RP. I just usually ask for people's suggestions for events, plots, etc.

* It's a Digimon Rating community and it's connected to the__digiverse. I stamp the applicants and tell the people who may have violated a rule or something.

* It's another rating community, but this time it's Gravitation. I used to make the stamps, but now I don't. ^^ I just stamp people and look out for users who may have offended another user, etc..

ranma_rating (co-mod)
* I'm just a co-mod there, but I try my best to stamp all the applicants there.

fightingrating (co-mod)
* I'm also a co-mod, and I stamp the people there, if they haven't been stamped by the other mods.

[04] what is the purpose of your community? (i.e. what kind of people do you want to join?)
anime_glomps: Well, I made the community so that the other LJ users who wants to claim an anime or game thing which has been claimed elsewhere can claim it there.

mac_anu & m_board: Errr..The purpose for it is for .hack fans to RP their favorite .hack// characters. We're in need of some other members, so if anyone is interested, please join. ^^

digi_rating: Digimon has been one of my favorite anime and since there are lots of other anime rating communities, I decided to make one and please the other LJ users who like Digimon.

gravirating: Well, apparently, there're two other Gravitation Rating communities, but both are..how you say...dead. I'm really into Gravitation and I'd want to make my Gravitation loving friends happy. They've joined lots of rating communities, and had been wishing for a Gravitation one, so I made one. ^^

ranma_rating (co-mod): It's just another rating community. The old moderator was sort of busy with all the work she had to do so she asked for other people's help.

fightingrating (co-mod): Fighting Rating is an arcade game rating community. It wasn't made by me, but it's a really nice community.

[01] bands/musicians: My music interest is sort of..mixed. ^^ Linkin Park, Simple Plan, Jeniffer Lopez, Britney Spears, Usher, Yellowcard, Busted, Avril Lavigne, L'arc~en~Ciel, Do As Infinity, Maaya Sakomoto, Ryan Cabrera, Utada Hikaru, Round Table, and a lot more. ^^
[02] movies: I haven't been able to watch movies lately, but my all time favorites are: National Treasure, Saiyuki Requiem, Finding Nemo, Parent Trap, Swan Princess, Paycheck, The Prince and Me. I'm waiting for "Da Vinci Code" movie to show. I'm really excited. :D
[03] books/authors: Dan Brown and Josh Grisham
[04] random: My favorite word is cloud. :D

+ post at least one picture of yourself, and pictures of anything else you'd like that pertain to your community (i.e. your art, if you're in an art community); post no more than 5 pictures:

+ promote this community to at least one community moderator, and post the link here:
Here ya go: http://www.livejournal.com/community/clamp_rating/23416.html?view=145528

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