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[01] name: Andreja [pronounced 'Andreya']
[02] age: 20
[03] sex: I never got that 'y' chromosome....
[04] location: Slovenia, Central Europe
[05] ONE interesting thing about yourself: I'm a writer/poemist. Had 2 books published so far and am working on the third.

[01] community(ies) that you moderate:
the__digiverse (co-mod)
... others are more or less personal and could be rated as simple journals but are not such because I like to have things linked.
[02] how many people are in your community(ies)?
digimon_slash ~ 74 *pets*
the__digiverse ~ 15 (cuz it's a RP and we're a tight crew ^_^)
[03] what is your job in the community(ies)?
digimon_slash ~ pretty much everything that consists moderating; greeting new members, simulate, post contests, layouting, notifying, supervising and keeping world peace.
the__digiverse ~ I'm the co-mod, meaning I'm the back-plan for everything. Basically what I mostly do is supervise and coordinate stuff, such as plots, ideas, pleas, anything that needs tending to really. However, big decisions are always made in tandem with the main mod. Oh, and I do layouts.
[04] what is the purpose of your community? (i.e. what kind of people do you want to join?)
digimon_slash ~ ... it was mainly meant to bind together people who like Digimon slash, because there's lots of us out there and most needed to lurk in other more general communities. It has it's own rules, but it's pretty free... as long as there's peace, nobody gets booted ^_^
the__digiverse ~ The purpose would be... PRing? We're mostly full, but should somebody else want to join, it'd be nice if they were as devoted and ready to cooperate as we are now.

[01] bands/musicians:I'm a mix in this, let me check my playlist... Eric Clapton, Phil Collins, Nick Kershaw, Savage Garden, Mike Oldfield, Rie Fu, See-Saw, 883, Akeboshi, PIERROT, Lostprophets, Good Charlotte, Yellowcard, Green Day, Offspring, Linkin Park, Blink182, Evanescence, Eagle Eye Cherry, Robbie Williams, Smashing Pimpkins, Smashmouth... but mostly I just like various songs. The name doesn't mean that much to me, everyone can have a fluke. Or a hit.
[02] movies: Lately, I most times let myself be dragged to easy comedy movies. Ever since I yawned my way through the Ring, horror's lost me. Lord of the Rings left me kind of 'meh', I bet Tolkien's still turning in the gave, poor thing... If I want to be amused, I read a book ^.^ although... The Home At The End Of The World was nice. And Memento, The Butterfly Effect and Pulp Fiction. And I loved The Nightmare Before Christmas too.
[03] books/authors: As far as the authors go, Phillip Pullman, Stephen King, Agatha Christie... but I really just pick random things most of the time. En easy read had been Hex, then there's The Dark Tower and, why not, Harry Potter.

+ post at least one picture of yourself, and pictures of anything else you'd like that pertain to your community (i.e. your art, if you're in an art community); post no more than 5 pictures:

 .... ^_^;;; feel free to laugh.

 I'm Takeru in the RP ^_^

 my webpage. <--- I post my adds to digimon_slash here. In case that makes sense?

+ promote this community to at least one community moderator, and post the link here: ^^;;</p>
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