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Welcome to the Meade Middle School LJ site!

Hi! Welcome to the Meade Middle School LJ site. This site is run & moderated by faded_immortal, who is a seventh grade student at this school. This site is for both students AND TEACHERS, so students, NO excessive foul language and no dissing MOST teachers...^_^ Here are some rules you need to follow:

1. NO really bad profanity. Profanity = getting kicked out of the site. Okay? Okay. I'll let SOME things slide, but...yeah.

2. DON'T join if you don't attend, teach, have attended, or will attend at Meade Middle. It's pointless to join a community and not actually go to the school.

3. You MUST join the community in order to post. In order to join the community, make an LJ account. Go to Livejournal.com and click on "create." Then, validate your email adress. Afterwards, follow the link to this site and click "join" at the top of the page. If you "watch" the site, that means you'll have it on your friends list.

4. Anything or anyone that breaks these rules WILL be kicked out, with no warning whatsoever. So know that before you break any rules.

5. HAVE FUN! It's supposed to be fun. That's the point.

current members.
______july23 = Molly B., 7B
dew_on_roses = Julia L., 7B
faded_immortal = Christine C. , 7B
livinginpink = Rachel G., 7A
nerdsgetchicks = Kassidy Thomas, 7B
three11babe247 = Amelia F., 7B