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I thought it was boring... but I have this theory that David Letterman just puts a damper on anything fun or cool, so overall- I loved it. <3

Frank has... the best stage presence. You have to love it. I don't see many guitarists sliding themselves across the floor on David fucking Letterman. MAD props.
random:// I kept noticing his tie got in the way so he threw it over his shoulder. haha. nice.

Gerard couldn't have been more enthusiastic. Way to go and put your leg up on the amp for the whole performance. Now I know why they say he has a throbbing crotch... oh my god... ;D

Ray...well... some of you know how I feel about Ray. hehe... anyways, I still ccan't get over the fact that he can play that solo LIVE as well as he does, play lead guitar, and do back-up vocals. Oh yes, and he is in my favor of having the best Shoes. Gin and I were talking about this last night. lol. Ray wears Chucks most of the time, Frank wears Etnies, DC's, and Chucks, Gerard wears those Brown boots (which don't go well with a black velvet tux might I add AHEM), and Mikey wears "Those big clown shoes" acoprding to Gin. Well you know what they say about big feet....

I am so sad to say that I have nothing to say about Mikey. One day he's gonna have to come up front on live TV, put his leg up on the AMP and play his Bass for his faaans. <3

What is up with Bob and him looking haawwwwt? (lmfao. Gin and I were talking about this as well) Make-up does make a difference I guess... *ahem*
I'm so glad we have Bob now. Matt was.... a drag do I dare say.

Alright. Review is le OVER. <3
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