February 11th, 2005

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Have any of you read this?

"MCR's fan base is not only widely varying in extremes but has also grown to the point where fanfiction is written about the band. Not particularly stunning I hear you say, but having two brothers in the band has tempted fate and incest fanfiction has appeared as well. Mention fanfiction to either Toro or Way and a mild look of confusion spreads over their faces, with Way asking "Fanfiction's scary cause they write that stuff about Spock right?".

After a slightly awkward silence and further elaboration, Way finally catches on, giggling like a kid; "Is it erotic fiction? Who's got the biggest dong?" Alas, I don't know, but instead choose to bring up the question of incestuous fanfiction, which rather alarmingly enough is brushed off with little reaction; "Well actually believe it or not the first fanfiction we heard about was incest fanfiction and that was before any of the stuff you're talking about. Like years ago, there was incest fanfiction" he says, pausing for a moment in thought, sighing slightly "I don't know, we can't control it so, um, at least they're being creative."

ROFLMFAO. "Who's got the biggest dong?" and the semi-supportive "at least they're being creative."

I LOVE that man to death. ♥

Here's the rest: http://www.roomthirteen.com/cgi-bin/feature_view.cgi?FeatureID=89

That man makes me smile....hehehehe " um, at least they're being creative