February 8th, 2005


The new boy bands are more likely to resemble Good Charlotte, My Chemical Romance, Sum 41, Simple Plan or Dashboard Confessional, with a bigger emphasis on originality and realness than matching threads and hot dance moves. The cycle is pretty predictable, as yesterday's teenyboppers grow older and move beyond the candy pop of their youth, searching for something a bit edgier to annoy parents with and separate them from their Franz Ferdinand-loving older siblings. But even with "TRL"-worthy videos, hit albums and singles, some of the bands reaping the benefits aren't sure how they got there ... or how long it will last.

"It's definitely weird," said My Chemical Romance singer Gerard Way, whose band has broken through to the tween and teen set with the emotional rocker "I'm Not Okay (I Promise)." "I guess we are taking the place of the boy bands and pinups, so these girls now have these dysfunctional heroes on their wall. We always thought we'd be underground or on the fringes, so we're shocked by it."

"I know exactly when boy bands will be over," said Lou Pearlman, the Svengali behind Backstreet Boys, 'NSYNC and O-Town. "When God stops making little girls." While he gives props to the new breed, he warns that the five-year cycle of boy-band boom-and-bust is coming round again — so don't get too attached to that My Chemical Romance leather wristband.


wtf? those are no bands to compare them too... however, it's somewhat true. as the band gets more popular, there are, more screaming girls who talk only about gerard/mikey/frank's 'hottness.' it makes me sick.
it's from here: http://www.mtv.com/bands/b/boy_bands/050207/