January 16th, 2005

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Did you miss us?

I know some of you did.

Thank you Live Journal, now we can finally get things up and running again. 

Now that we're back, I can reveal that soon we'll have a new layout thanks to Kim. She's the only one who submitted an entry, so hers atuomatically wins. (even though, I must say, it probably would have won anyways...have you seen it? lmao.) As soon as I get in touch with her, we'll get it up and coded.

If you missed the deadline b/c of lj downtime, you can still submit an entry and we'll save it to use at a later time. :)

Latest MCR News: I know it kills you, but don't forget to check out MCR on TRL, Monday, the 17th at 4/5 pm, depending on your time zone. I know that Karen and Zulayne will be going (psh...lucky. lmao) have fun girls, and make sure you represent your fellow haws well. :D

keep on whorin! ♥ Kayla

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