January 11th, 2005

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to all my MCR whores!!! I created this community for all of the whores to share pictures, talk, share MCR news, graphics, etc.

I figured since Naptown is being a big retarted JERK that we could have this to keep in touch when it's down...and maybe aquire some new whores. :D

alrighty, well post away my darlings! :muah:

♥ Kayla
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Okay, yeah. Since I suck hXc at making layouts we're gonna have a layout making contest for all you creative ones!

+R u l e s+
1. must fit into this layout (unless you have codes)
2. must be MCR related
3. must say MCR Whores somewhere on it

other than that, go wild! If they'res more than one entry, we'll have a vote, and whoever wins gets Gerard. lmao. j/k. um...you get a cookie? lmao...sorry, I'm broke. :D

EDIT: the Deadline for all entries is friday night (1-14-04) by midnight.
then we'll have a vote on which one you whores wanna use, and after that, we'll alternate with the ones that aren't picked. Wheeee. :D
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