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Hello, meh name is Maddy. Known to some as Maddeth the Rooster.

I enjoy long walks on the beach, romantic movies, and beautiful sunsets.

Actually, I live in Minnesota where there happens to be NO beaches, and no ocean. We do have the Mall of America though, so sometimes I like to pretend that it's cooler than it is and brag about it to people.

Alright... MCR... right.

How did this come to begin? well...

Back In may of 2004 on the GCNaptown message board- someone was arsed to start an MCR club.
Now we've gone through over 25 versions of the thread and are the fastest Moving club to ever post on GCN.
I myself joined around version 1 or 2, but started being an active member around version 4.

blah blah blah.

Not all of the Whores have LJ's... so that makes me sad. boo hoo.

OH! Yes, Picture of myself. yesh yesh yesh...

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