Help - Layout Code Problems

Hey, sorry if this is an inappropriate post but I am really in need of some help.  I've been trying to start a Smallville LJ RP, and the important aspects of design are all done and dusted.  Sadly though, the layout code I found and used seems to have two errors I'd like fixing.  I have tried contacting the layout code creator but she did not respond to me so hopefully someone here will be able to help.

Here is the LJ in question -

As you can see in the post titled "BAD TAG SPACING EXAMPLE" the tags field is overlapped by the "leave a comment" link, so you can barely see the latter.  It would be better if the "leave comment" link was situated on a higher, seperate line to the tags field.

The second and only remaining problem is that the "friends" page has an error which causes two problems.  For starters, the posts here do not show up with rounded corners at the bottom left, as they should and do in other pages, and furthermore the corner image is displaced by itself at the bottom of the screen.

If anyone thinks they can help at all, please let me know, I would really appreciate it.

Thanks in advance!

- Jaxon
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DreamWidth Layout: Core 2 Beta - Back to Basics

Style: Dreamwidth's Core 2 Beta
Best View:1024px wide and up but optmized for screens that are between 1024px - 1280px wide.
Browsers Tested: Firefox 3.1, Opera 9.64 & IE 8 on Vista - don't have a Mac for testing.
Navbar: Optional
Notes: Core 2 is still in beta release so this is just to tide people over until shiny official layouts come out.

DreamWidth Layout: Back to Basics


+ 8 colorschemes

++ Instructions & Codes
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Profile: Desktop Journal

No need to specify any width - the table will stretch according to the width of your browser window, just like the new lj profile. You are free to edit the contents of the journal area - add more pictures, leave one of the pages blank, have very little text, whatever.

The only rule is to comment & credit.

Desktop Journal
click for live preview

The Codes

★ Feel free to watch noveltybox
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Hey everyone.

I'm actually in the process of making a community. It's oz_handcrafts for people that make hand crafts in Australia, and I was wondering if anyone could make me a banner or two for it, to promote it? I would be eternally grateful and of course I'd credit you. And some icons too would be fab.

I'm after a "join this community" banner with lots of different crafts on the banner, seeing as the community is for all different hand crafts. So maybe knitting/crochet, scrapbooking, beading, sewing pics on the banner. With "join this community" and "oz_handcrafts" on it too.

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Hello all.
I'm new to LJ, and I know absolutely nothing about how to make layouts. I was wondering if somebody could make me a relatively simple, sleek layout using this picture?

I'd like the text to be centered and relatively small, with bigger titles.

Thank you!

P.S- I don't know how to credit, since I just joined about half an hour ago.
 Can someone please explain?
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Layout: S2 Bloggish - Showcase

After over a year of sharing layouts, I finally went ahead and made a layout community: noveltybox. I ended up making a custom layout for it and am sharing the codes!

My older layouts will all be relocated to the community by the end of the week. In the mean time...

Style: S2 Bloggish (works on Insane Journal, JournalFen and Livejournal!)
Best view: 800px wide and above
Browsers Tested On: Latest versions of IE, Opera and Firefox
Custom Comment Pages: Yes
Navbar: No

Layout : Showcase
(click for live preview)

  • Designed specifically for icon journals and graphics communities
  • Insane Journal, JournalFen and LiveJournal compatible
  • Header + Tags + Links across top to make efficient use of space
  • Usernames above entry titles for easy reading
  • Entries centered
  • Custom comment pages included
  • Images for the Linkbar included for BOTH entries and comment pages! (Reply/Edit/Track etc.)
  • Tags in scrollbox
  • Customizable: change images and colors for background, links, titles etc.!

Instructions to set up the layout AND customize it!

★ If you like the layout, feel free to watch noveltybox!

★ Older layouts can be found here till the end of the week!
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Hey guys.  If any of you have some time, maybe someone could make a layout based off of my blogger account? I made the blogger account today to play around with what I wanted my LJ to look like, but now I haven't the fainted idea of how to do it (My LJ looks terrible now).  It's a really basic look, and to someone who knows their way around coding, it should be pretty fast.  Thank you so much!

Blogger look:

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Profile: Monochrome

Did my final profile revamp for a while and here are the codes if anyone is interested.

This version uses one of the Christmas images I shared last year.

click for live preview

The Codes

No need to specify any width - the tables will stretch according to the width of your browser window, just like the new lj profile.

You are free to edit the profile till it's unrecognizable - do whatever you want with the code.

The only rule is to comment & credit.