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Inbetween recovery and disorder..
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This is a community that I created for those who are stuck inbetween having a full-blown eating disorder and entering recovery.
It is NOT a community for people who are "considering" an eating disorder or who think they may be developing one. While I can sympathize with people who are in the beginning stages of an eating disorder, since we all were there once, that is not what I created this community for.
It may sound selfish, but I created it for people like myself.
People who have been struggling with their eating disorder for a long time but aren't necessarily "pro."
People who have experimented with the idea of recovery, but who fantasize about fasting for weeks, or a nice binge and purge.
People who want to be healthy but want to be thin.
People whose thoughts are consumed by food and eating as a force of habit, but kind of wish it wasn't that way.
People who just aren't sure where they belong in this whole thing and don't know what to do about it.
And most of all, people who wouldn't wish this on anyone.

If you think you fit into that description at all, please feel free to join. And fill out the survey...you don't need to be "approved" but it would be nice to know who you are. Any questions you don't feel comfortable answering, you don't need to answer.


* Name:
* Age:
* Location:

* An explanation of your e.d.:
* How long have you had it?:
* Have you been officially diagnosed?:
* Have you been treated for it?:
* Have you been hospitalized for it?:
* Have you been "in recovery"?:
* Do other people know?:

* Any other mental illness?:
* Any medications?:
* Any other "self-destructive habits" (like self-injury, substance abuse, etc)?:
* Are you in therapy?:

* Are you in school?:
* What kind of music do you like?:
* What's your favorite color?:
* What's a hobby you have?:
* If you could live anywhere, where would it be?