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[ Sunday, October 16th 04:34pm]

please check out/refer people to a new community: _pritty_grafix_
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icons [ Saturday, October 15th 01:57pm]

three icons...i'll put them in a cut just in case...
iconsesCollapse )
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Yeaaah [ Friday, October 14th 02:59pm]

I make icons and all that :D Like my current icon.

Uhhh I'll post some when I've made them?
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[ Sunday, October 9th 08:41am]

I made a bannerCollapse )
I'd make more, but I'm too lazy.
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iconses! [ Sunday, October 9th 09:14am]

hello i have a wide arrangement of marching band icons (they might need to be downsized) but i thought that they were funny

check them out hereCollapse )

comment if taking and please credit _big__mistake_ and ______icons____.Thanks!
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[ Sunday, October 9th 09:02am]

hi i'm tiffany
yea so im the mod's sister oh well
i made a couple friends only banners check them out under the cutCollapse )

comment if taking please! i'd like to know who uses my stuff. oh and credit mxpx__punk and ______icons____ please!
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Hello! [ Sunday, October 9th 08:49am]

Welcome to Band Geeks Icons Etc. Here we specialize in icons, layouts, and friends only banners. Feel free to post band stories, pictures, and anything else band related!
When you join, tell us a little about yourself! It would be nice to know you a little!
Have fun and lets get this place going! Promotion banners are in the userinfo.
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