MOD POST: theme winner and contest

It was a hard decision on who the winner of the theme would be but I decided the winner is ditziedancer421. You have a choice of an auto accept or an auto reject. Just let me know which one you want.

I also decided to have a HOTTSTUFF OF THE WEEK where you all vote on who you think should ho;ld that title, but you cannot vote for youself. It has to be a vote on another member. I will tally up all votes and at the end of the week I will post in the user info who will hold the title. You can vote on who ever for whatever reason. Place your votes as a comment to this entry.

I am now Co-Mod of the sister communtiy le__perfecciona and I am currently doing much work on that community since the Mod is away. Feel free to check it out and apply. Since you are from this community I am allowing 10 of you to have an automatic membership with the community. Just fill out an application and say at the bottom *free-in from ______hottstuff*

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So... I have alot of hobbies, but the one that I can actually find pictures for is art. My friend Matt and I have a side job of sorts painting murals for people, we've only done a few so far, but its a GREAT way to make money (we get from 200-400 bucks for each one) and its fun to do. Sooo here's a few pictures of some of them.

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MOD POST: updates and theme reminder



I have to say I am very pleased with many of the recent applicants this community has been getting. So many grteat people have joined the community. Don't forget if you have any friends that might be interested to come join this community! Well I'll be back to promoting.

Since it is hard to keep up with I am going to rid the member page of the 100 X 100s and just post a link to the application instead. It will be easier to work with than having to worry whose 100 x 100 we have to make.

Also, the deadline of the hobby theme is this sunday so to any new members that are not aware of the theme, you may make a separate post telling us about a hobby of yours and why you were drawn to it. It can be a simple explination. Pictures are optional, but preferable. The winner will be awarded with a choice of auto-accepting someone into the community or auto-rejecting an applicant. Have fun!