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hahaha ummm...we went bowling...my best friend, my boyfriend and his friend...and we took pics..

yes i know i need to re-dye my hair, i know. i have to save money admist paying car insurance for my NEW car (got it yesterday...about 800 every 6 months...so 1600 a year. wtf right. and paying for gas and food and all that jazz. so i know haha. and i know i have a HUGE ass, i know. )

i was dancing while waiting for the bowling ball...lol

me bowling...yea i didnt hit any pins, as usual. if that wasnt obvious by my terrible posture

chiara who is the best friend and neil. lol.

chiara bowling. she might even look funnier than me.

chiaras feet lmao. i dunno why she did that.

chiara and i. we're so hot huh. NOT.

me and my baby, mike♥ (if u recognize him from the ex boyfriend theme its because he was at that time. we just got back together yay)

me and mike laughing about something

chiaras photography of me and mikes asses. lol. yea...

me bowling again. still terrible.

not really sure wut i found so funny but apparently it was really fucking funny

chiara and me. i look like SHIT but oh well.

mike kissing my cheek ♥

mike bowling. notice he got a strike. fucker. haha. he isnt even good at bowling either.

chiara photographing my ass again haha its fucking HUGE in this pic. i swear its not that bad.

again me terribly bowling. i think that was my bowling ballet hahaha

neil bowling

neil being a little wigger

neil hhaha wtf...lol...i dunno..

and this is my fave...

mike and i...kissing? that or just touching noses like we do. i think its so cute ♥

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