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I have been singing since I was about nine years old. That is around the time I started getting solos for the school performances. I didn't think singing at that time was my forte, but my teacher said she was giving me those solos for a reason. That was the reason she wouldn't let me act. She never let me have a part in the schools plays but she stuck me with the solos even though I didn't try out for them. Same thing for playing instruments. I didn't put a fight, I just sang.

It wasn't until I was in middle school that I truly realized that I had any talent. That is when I began to really enjoy singing. It became a passion of mine, if you will. I wasn't sure where my voice really fit. What songs fit my voice the best.

In high school I was made to since Classical and Operatic songs since my choral teachers said that I was the only student within the group that had the strong voice for it. I felt out of place for about a year. I had trouble blending, but I studied music and practiced every day for hours which wasn't something that a normal high school chorus member would do. Choral music usually stayed in the chorus room and that was it. Then again, I'm not like most people my age.

I'm now in my school's top choir, Select Choir. I had just recently finished an Operatic piece called Ave Maria:

http://www.8notes.com/scores/2923.asp?ftype=midi < this has the basic piano sheet music
http://www.justcharlotte.co.uk/1998---/mid/ave_maria_gc.mid < this is what the song sounds like when performed

I am now working on an Operatic piece entitled Se Tu M'Ami Se Sospiri. I don't have a link to the song, but if you would like to hear the song then you can contact me and I will be willing to send it.

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