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Hey Beauties (=

I was browsing through other communities and I saw one that had a pretty cute idea.

They have a point system for weekly themes and promotions.

They have weekly (or every 2 weeks) themes where accepted members post pictures of what ever the theme is and then get 2 points per picture. Members also get 1 point for every place they promote the community.

After the end of 2 weeks, the 3 members with the lowest ammount of points are removed and need to re-apply if they want to be a part of the community still.

At the very least I think we should have a theme once and awhile, It would be a good way to get members active. Plus I'm a huge camera whore and love taking pictures of things (=

I do like the point system though because Its a fair way of throwing people out instead of the whole community voting like we have previously.

Thanks for your time guys


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