Danika (_____oh_so_good) wrote in ______hottstuff,

MOD POST: banned

As you can tell, xihavefriends4x has been banned mainly because she is an idiot and posted some crappy promo in my community. I noticed she did the same in other communities. All I can say is... wow. There are promotion communities out there to do that crap.

It seems that besides me promoting my ass off that maybe only two other members are helping with the promotions for this community. About three people in the community with over 20 members... we can't do this alone. It isn't fair to us.

TO ALL MEMBERS: Show me that you are active by promoting to three places.. I don't care if it is three communities or three journals. Post the links to where you promoted on this journal.. if in three days I do not see your comment in this entry, you will be thrown out of the community and will have to re-apply.

In other news, mallory____gurl has dropped out of the community so if _morgeeeeeee just posts her pictures then she will be able to stay. She only has one more day to do so.

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    you're not active. sryy. leaving.

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