February 6th, 2005

MOD POST: theme winner and contest

It was a hard decision on who the winner of the theme would be but I decided the winner is ditziedancer421. You have a choice of an auto accept or an auto reject. Just let me know which one you want.

I also decided to have a HOTTSTUFF OF THE WEEK where you all vote on who you think should ho;ld that title, but you cannot vote for youself. It has to be a vote on another member. I will tally up all votes and at the end of the week I will post in the user info who will hold the title. You can vote on who ever for whatever reason. Place your votes as a comment to this entry.

I am now Co-Mod of the sister communtiy le__perfecciona and I am currently doing much work on that community since the Mod is away. Feel free to check it out and apply. Since you are from this community I am allowing 10 of you to have an automatic membership with the community. Just fill out an application and say at the bottom *free-in from ______hottstuff*