February 1st, 2005

MOD POST: updates and theme reminder



I have to say I am very pleased with many of the recent applicants this community has been getting. So many grteat people have joined the community. Don't forget if you have any friends that might be interested to come join this community! Well I'll be back to promoting.

Since it is hard to keep up with I am going to rid the member page of the 100 X 100s and just post a link to the application instead. It will be easier to work with than having to worry whose 100 x 100 we have to make.

Also, the deadline of the hobby theme is this sunday so to any new members that are not aware of the theme, you may make a separate post telling us about a hobby of yours and why you were drawn to it. It can be a simple explination. Pictures are optional, but preferable. The winner will be awarded with a choice of auto-accepting someone into the community or auto-rejecting an applicant. Have fun!