January 29th, 2005


Im going to leave this community. You all are awesome girls & I really love you all. But I think you are taking this thing a little too seriously. I just want to get in communities, meet new people, vote on people & just have fun. But all this stuff about "tell us your favorite hobby and tell us in 2 or more paragraphs" or whatever. I feel like Im in school. And all this stuff about getting points is hard for people who dont have digital camera's. So Im going to have to leave. Nothing against you all, but Im looking for a more fun.. enjoyable community. Good luck with whatever your going for though.

MOD POST: updates

We just had two members leave the community either because of the theme or because too much is going on for them to keep up with the community. Sad to see you guys go.

We need one more vote to break the 5 yes/5 no tie for ____gone_away. This tie needs to be broken by today.

Thank you :)

MOD POST: updates

MEMBERS! Please read the user info! It states that we are not rating on the basic section and hte favorites section (1st and 2nd section). They are there just to get to know the person. I don't care if you don't like their hobbies or their favorite author. That section as I have said before is there to get to know the person. If I see another member vote and even mention that they are voting for or against a person for anything in those two sections, their vote isn't going to count and will be deleted. I hate repeating myself. I feel like a broken record (sorry for the cliche, but it is tiresome).