January 11th, 2005

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whats up my niggas here with my gurl isabella and the gay ass kid i babysit for nick!! ahhhh i hate him!! lol jkjkjk he's ok lol well i hop eyou all go to this website
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MOD POST: last day


you have only one more day to post your promotions to prove that you are active and actually give a damn about this community. if you don't then you will be kicked the hell out and will have to re-apply.

If I can promote my ass off almost everyday (and not just for this community, but other communities as well), then I don't see how hard it is to post just three promotions that say "come join ______hottstuff" and show that you are not just in this community to pick your ass and watch what is going on. If you want to be in a rating community so that you can be all like "lYk Oh Em Gee!! Lyk I aM S0o0o0o0o0 H0tT bEcAuSe I wAs AcCePtEd HeRe aNd HeRe, then don't bother to be on our community. We expect you to be active not to join to that you can show off that you were accepted into a rating community.

In other news, cooke_monster, if you are going to post in the community, APPLY.





Reminder: I will be checking tomorrow at 4 30 PM to check who is active, but to the two members that I feel have made an impact on this community and have been active since this community has been up and running will be exempt, and you know who you are.