Say what?


I just wanted to let everyone know that I won't be active for a lil while. I got grounded and idk when i'm guna be ungrounded.
So I'll miss all of you and i hope to see some new applicants when i get ungrounded!!
<3 Jazzy.


Okay, The thing that I told you all about before but never mentioned what it was going to be until I consulted the other MOD. Well I did, and we are doing so.

This is how it is going to go down. The members who posted telling me that they are active. Those who have posted starting tomorrow are going to be switched into what_a_knockout. You won't have to fill out an application for the community since I will link your ______hottstuff application to the members section in what_a_knockout. If I do not see a post from the rest of you stating that you are active by tomorrow night, then you will have to apply to what_a_knockout and will be voted on.

If you have anymore questions, then you may contact me with the information provided in the community info.

I will be closing this community tomorrow night.