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______hawt_arse's Journal

Hawt Arse
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All Members , Moderated
layout credited to its_jen

Yet another rating community.
We rate you based on looks and personality.
If you would like to be a part of our little family.
Just join and fill out the application.
Our main goal is to have fun, and we do have a lot of fun.

001. Don't fight with the mods.
002. Be as mean as you want.
003. Explain why you gave them the vote you did.
004. Promote regularly and prove it.
005. Tell us if you are going to be inactive.
006. When posting please put 'Stamped' in the subject line.
007. Also, make all posts friends-only

001. Don't fight with the mods or members.
002. If you cant take criticism, dont apply.
003. You can ask questions as to why they gave you a vote.
004. Put 'I have a hawt arse' in the subject, so we know you read the rules.
005. Tell us if you are going to be inactive.
006. You must post an application within TWO days of joining, not doing so will get you banned.
007. If you get rejected, you may reapply in one week, with new pictures.
008. Dont post or comment on anyother application but your own untill you are stamped.
009. Your application better be under an lj-cut, or else!

001. mylittlepeony
002. rox_my_soxx
003. stillimage
004. musical_lette
005. its_jen
006. afadedmistake
007. miss_ambie
008. mala_chica69
009. poisonedxcherry
010. ___________sick
011. poisoned_skin
012. neonxtrash
013. themurderscenex
014. _nosurprises_
015. socalmere

001. riv3t
002. emobloodfacegrl
003. luckyuitshaley

None yet.

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Theme ONE
Post pictures of your favorite actors/actresses.

Theme TWO
Post some pictures of the hawtest arse EVER!

You will get 100 points just for participating.
And also, 10 points for every picture you post.

At the end of every month, the person with the most points will be the member of the month. We will also do this at the end of every week, with member of the week.

Here is a list of things you can do for points:

Promote, and provide links. - 20 points for each promotion.
Make banners(accepted, rejected, promo). - 50 points for each banner.
Participate in themes. - 100 points a theme.
Be a cam whore. - 15 points a picture.
Refer someone. - 200 points for each person.


aim - veil your scars
email - perfectedxlies@gmail.com
lj - perfected_lies

also mod of:

made by: afadedmistake

made by: afadedmistake

made by: afadedmistake

made by: poisoned_skin

made by: poisoned_skin

made by: afadedmistake

made by: afadedmistake

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001. xopure_beautyxo
002. hawt_like_me
003. wexarexcowboys
004. hawt_lyk3_woah
005. petits_monstres
006. ______risque
007. x_candyshop_x

Contact the mod to become a sister.