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Go Ahead, Be Pretty

We Don't Mind

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[Attention Please]

If anyone is interested in making Accepted/Rejected/Promotion banners then that'd be lovely. So, if you're willing to do so, please make a post that's under a cut, of course. And make the cut say Banners. Thanks.

[Current Theme]

Post of a picture of yourself as a little kid. And then a picture of yourself now. Yep.

[Rules For The Applicants]
- After joining, you must post your application within 24 hours. Preferably before then and right after you join, but whatever floats your boat.
- Put your application under a cut. If you don't do this, then yes, it will be deleted. (If you don't know how to make a cut, scroll down a little bit).
- Make the subject line of your application "Application" please.
- If someone says no, or you get rejected, don't bitch about it. No one likes that. Most likely you were asking for it anyway.
- Don't make any other posts until you get accepted.
- Don't comment on any other posts until your accepted. It doesn't matter if it's not an application.
- If you're rejected, DON'T DELETE YOUR FUCKING APPLICATION. It just shows that you're an idiot. And it's fucking annoying.

[Rules For The Members]
- Be brutally honest to the applicants.
- Respect your moderator.
- STAY ACTIVE = Make at least one post every two weeks + Vote on applicants + Participate in the theme (participating in the theme doesn't count as your one necessary post every two weeks).
- The mods vote counts as two.
- If you're not going to be able to update for more than a week, make a post stating that.
- Promote like a bitch.



Favorite Bands:
Favorite Movies:
Favorite Books:
Favorite Store:

Your Views On...
Gay Marriage:

Promote Us In At Least Three Other Communities:
Give Us One Reason On Why We Should Accept You:
Post At Least Three Clear Pictures Of Yourself:


[How To Make A Cut]
<*lj-cut text="insert text here">
1) Take out the asterik. Known to others as the "Star."
2) Delete Insert Text Here, except for don't delete the quotations.
3) The quotations should be empty now, if it's your application write Application, if it's not, then write anything you wish.
4) Put everything that you're going to post underneath the cut. Otherwise it won't go into the cut. Therefore it's pointless.

[Sister Communities]

[Your Amazing Moderator]

Name = Kerry
AIM = x oper x ator x
LJ Username = x____nolastkiss