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I love these shoes so much, I have to share them with everyone.
John and I took two trips to Old Navy, one today & one yesterday. While I was there, I spotted these little retro numbers & fell in loveCollapse )
I also got three pairs of flip flops & one tie belt from Old Navy. & then I went to B&N and got 3 books: The Hours, Mrs. Dalloway and some random book that has to do with spies and romance in Nazi Germany. :D It was on sale for 4.99$ so I grabbed.

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'Ello dearest members of this wonderful community. I apologize for the delay in my application, even though I joined today. I won't, however, post it now, because it's 2:00 am. But I promise I shall do it tomorrow. Until then, holler. <3
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First, thank you everyone that has joined. We still have 15 or so autoaccept spots left.

Now on to business: Does anyone think the application is a bit too much to ask? I don't want it to deter people from joining the community but I would like it to weed out the complete morons.

Also, I put together a members list with all your adorable pictures. It can be found at xchokehold. If you find any problems, tell meh.

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