Elena (_beautyforashes) wrote in ______addmeho,

Hey everyone.

My name is Elena. I'm currently 18 years of age, & I reside in the greater Detroit Area. I'm a very indescrible person. I am human, just like you. I have thoughts & feelings, and I tend to think before I speak just so I don't hurt those of others. I'm in my third year of college [ yes, I graduated early ] where I am a pre-medical student. I love sports, movies, shopping, video games, and a good hookah. I'm pretty outgoing. I am a Ford Model, so any of you interested in fashion knows that a huge ordeal. I'm more of a listener than a talker. But I tend to lead than follow. I'm really interested in finding some true market friends, rather than just building the numbers shown on my userpage. I seek guidance, and I'm willing to give as well. Unfortunately, this wouldn't be the account  you would add me on. If you could add me on elenaxangela, that would be great. If you wanna add me on myspace, here's my link. http://www.myspace.com/imelena
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