saraaa. (dreamsgounheard) wrote in ______addmeho,

i took a longgggg break from livejournal in recent months. i redid my layout today and this is what i have to describe myself...

sara. nineteen. emotionally unavailable. trying to be strong but her world is falling apart. heartbroken. in love with chuck bass. unemployed. broken. happy. dreamer. sings in the shower. rip sarah. ilybb. fragile. lost in a world without her best friend. :(

atm, i'm not happy; my best friend died on the twenty nineth of september. i'm not sure where i'm going in life; to be honest, i'm not sure if i ever have known. i'm in ireland at the moment, but i'm going back to australia in three weeks; i lived there for over a year until sarah died. i make reckless, rash decisions. i'm a slut when i'm drunk, i drink way too much just for the sake of it. basically my life is a mess at the moment. i probably don't seem like the best person to add ahaha, but i'm a better friend online then i seem to be in real life. so i need more friends?

add me, i can be funny; sometimes...

i also feel honesty is the best policy, so from the get go people can know that i'm pretty much not the happiest person ever, so don't expect me to be?
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