saraaa. (dreamsgounheard) wrote in ______addmeho,

 So I asked my bff, to write something about me, so I could put it here, and she wrote this;

She's a boy crazed gossip girl fiend who is an amazing friend. In many ways she can be misunderstood, but if you can take the time to understand who she is. She's a bitchy wonder. She's a hilarious boob who just wants to live her life the fullest. With someone to love and bring hope to her pessimistic uncontrolling attitude. We all have flaws. But this bitch doesn't mind. Instead of bitching about it, she strives to fix it. She's a bore when it comes to interests, but she's a great friend with a hilarious choice of words.

So add me, and see if she's right. =D

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