May 26th, 2008

ashley & jackson ;; just have sex alread

oh noes.

Alright, I personally don't think there is anything amazing about me that I can pinpoint and say 'This is why you should add me, because like I'm super cool.' That would be fake, and I'm not a fake person. I say what I think and I mean what I say. I want friends, not another name on my flist. Most of the people I have on my livejournal have been people I've had for months and I love them all in so many ways. If you're my friend I'll give you everything I have, but if you cross me, well...don't go there. I tend to hold a grudge. I want honest people, people who don't edit their lives to what they think people want to hear. Say what you mean and mean what you say, it's that easy. Don't be afraid to let people know who you are, and I'll respect you for that. I'm a fangirl, I love my Chuck Bass. <3 I have one million crushes at the moment, lol. I talk about everything and I mean everything. I tend not to think before I type. I can be too honest sometimes and you'll be like, why is she telling us these things? I love music and movies. My favorite TV shows are One Tree Hill and Gossip Girl. House is amazing, and NCIS. SVU owns me, and Numb3rs is hardcore! I am a stoner, but I'm giving up but if you don't agree with that kind of thing, it's best not to add me. Um yeah. Hi, I'm Keely. <3 Comment my friends only post. if you wanna be buds!!