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my name is georgia and i am thirteen years old, which makes me small. i am blonde and young and far too fond of the internet. i have no talent and my future so far comprises of me marry a filthy rich man who i am completely unattracted to and the endless photography of my legs and friends.

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Hey everyone.

My name is Elena. I'm currently 18 years of age, & I reside in the greater Detroit Area. I'm a very indescrible person. I am human, just like you. I have thoughts & feelings, and I tend to think before I speak just so I don't hurt those of others. I'm in my third year of college [ yes, I graduated early ] where I am a pre-medical student. I love sports, movies, shopping, video games, and a good hookah. I'm pretty outgoing. I am a Ford Model, so any of you interested in fashion knows that a huge ordeal. I'm more of a listener than a talker. But I tend to lead than follow. I'm really interested in finding some true market friends, rather than just building the numbers shown on my userpage. I seek guidance, and I'm willing to give as well. Unfortunately, this wouldn't be the account  you would add me on. If you could add me on elenaxangela, that would be great. If you wanna add me on myspace, here's my link. http://www.myspace.com/imelena
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i took a longgggg break from livejournal in recent months. i redid my layout today and this is what i have to describe myself...

sara. nineteen. emotionally unavailable. trying to be strong but her world is falling apart. heartbroken. in love with chuck bass. unemployed. broken. happy. dreamer. sings in the shower. rip sarah. ilybb. fragile. lost in a world without her best friend. :(

atm, i'm not happy; my best friend died on the twenty nineth of september. i'm not sure where i'm going in life; to be honest, i'm not sure if i ever have known. i'm in ireland at the moment, but i'm going back to australia in three weeks; i lived there for over a year until sarah died. i make reckless, rash decisions. i'm a slut when i'm drunk, i drink way too much just for the sake of it. basically my life is a mess at the moment. i probably don't seem like the best person to add ahaha, but i'm a better friend online then i seem to be in real life. so i need more friends?

add me, i can be funny; sometimes...

i also feel honesty is the best policy, so from the get go people can know that i'm pretty much not the happiest person ever, so don't expect me to be?

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Hey, everyone.
My name is Countess D.
It's not an ego thing. It's just "D" sounds boring. Also, I like Pet Shop of Horrors. <3
I enjoy watching anime, MTV, VH1, and stupid shows like Family Guy.
I read frequently, but I don't keep a huge list of what I read. I just like realistic fiction and manga (of most sorts).
I am kind of dramatic. I'm just an emotional person, overall.
If you'd like to talk to me, I'd be more than happy to talk back. <3
Music is my world. I'm as dedicated to it as I can be without playing an instrument. Some of my favorite bands are The GazettE, An Cafe, Soulidium, and MILLIONAIRES. One of my favorite songs is "Better Than Suicide" by Psyclon Nine (I say that because I really don't listen to their other songs...)
Add me. ;)

Also, please post on my Friends Only page. I don't always check on these things after I make them :\
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    The GazettE: "Sentimental na Onigokko"
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oh noes.

Alright, I personally don't think there is anything amazing about me that I can pinpoint and say 'This is why you should add me, because like I'm super cool.' That would be fake, and I'm not a fake person. I say what I think and I mean what I say. I want friends, not another name on my flist. Most of the people I have on my livejournal have been people I've had for months and I love them all in so many ways. If you're my friend I'll give you everything I have, but if you cross me, well...don't go there. I tend to hold a grudge. I want honest people, people who don't edit their lives to what they think people want to hear. Say what you mean and mean what you say, it's that easy. Don't be afraid to let people know who you are, and I'll respect you for that. I'm a fangirl, I love my Chuck Bass. <3 I have one million crushes at the moment, lol. I talk about everything and I mean everything. I tend not to think before I type. I can be too honest sometimes and you'll be like, why is she telling us these things? I love music and movies. My favorite TV shows are One Tree Hill and Gossip Girl. House is amazing, and NCIS. SVU owns me, and Numb3rs is hardcore! I am a stoner, but I'm giving up but if you don't agree with that kind of thing, it's best not to add me. Um yeah. Hi, I'm Keely. <3 Comment my friends only post. if you wanna be buds!!
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So myself and my lj bff Kerri (roguemyth ) have decided we need like minded people. =D We enjoy men. As you do. We plan to take over the world, using the white house as a puppy palace. We think stalking boys just because they're hot is awesome. We hear voices in our heads, we totally named them. Alice and Annie. Muahahaha. As a whole I'd say we're rather interesting. Kerri is awesome and you should totally add her. She likes to pass judgement on people, she's a bitch like that. xD Haha, jks. We're groovy people and we wanna get to know some other groovy people. SO ADD US. NOW. XD 

ashley &amp; jackson ;; just have sex alread

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 So I asked my bff, to write something about me, so I could put it here, and she wrote this;

She's a boy crazed gossip girl fiend who is an amazing friend. In many ways she can be misunderstood, but if you can take the time to understand who she is. She's a bitchy wonder. She's a hilarious boob who just wants to live her life the fullest. With someone to love and bring hope to her pessimistic uncontrolling attitude. We all have flaws. But this bitch doesn't mind. Instead of bitching about it, she strives to fix it. She's a bore when it comes to interests, but she's a great friend with a hilarious choice of words.

So add me, and see if she's right. =D

Looking for New Friends

I have an extensive profile, with many interests listed, but I don't wanna talk your ear off. So here's the short version. My name is Tiffany, but I prefer Tiffanitsa. I'm looking to expand my list of friends. I'm a commenter and enjoy those who read and comment as well. My boyfriend is 62, so there's no such thing as too old, but please only add me, whetheron a messenger or to your lj, if you're a legal adult in your country of residence. Just please say hi, so I know you've added me and so I can add you back.

Anyway, I'm 24 and a college graduate living in New Jersey, U.S.A. but I'm a Hellenic patriot and put Greece above all countries. Among other things, I love cooking from scratch and listening to rebetika from below the 60's, some old laika and English stuff from the 50's through the 70's. I also play bouzouki (trixordo) and baglama. I'd appreciate any tips on the dromoi etc. I love animals but don't have a pet of my own. I'm a Hellenic Polytheist (think Greek mythology), and I respect all religions. I'm very opinionated and straight forward, but I can agree to disagree. Oh yeah, and I've been totally blind since I was two-months old. Btw, I'm still learning Greek, so please be patient if you use it to write to me. Take care and talk soon.

Skype: Therebetisa
MSN: scholar1983@hotmail.com
AIM Tiffanitsa
Google Talk, Orkut and email: tiffanitsa@gmail.com
LJ Talk Theophania

Geia sas and talk soon.