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Hi all
I am from Kiev, Ukraine.
Who want to add as your friend. I'm keeping a diary in Russian. I know English, and German.
I write about everything that interested. Most writing about football, biathlon and other sports. Just about Ukraine, and travel.

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Hi, I've had my LJ for over 4 years, I used to write in it almost daily and then I took a three month break but I'm back now and looking for a fresh start!

So, about me and the kinds of things I normally post:

- 25, Canadian, graduated college last year after forcing myself to finish (was going to quit since I hated it... long story). Couldn't find a job in my field, decided it wasn't the field for me, didn't know what the heck to do with my life, had a crappy part time job in the meantime, wan't making enough to cover rent/living costs, had to quit and move back with my parents. Still don't know what to do with my life but I keep on living.

- I like to draw, I guess you could say that it's always been my one true passion. I talk about that and I may post sketches and things I've drawn from time to time.

- I love animals and have three cats and a dog. I will probably post pictures of them too!

- I *do* complain fairly regularily in my entries. LJ is like the one place I feel like I can let loose in, so if something's bothering me, it's usually where I let out steam.

- Despite that, I'm not always miserable and I like to try and be positive whenever I can see good in a situation/person/whatever.

- I suffer from depression and social anxiety.

- I am trying to lose a lot of weight so I can feel good about myself.

- I don't talk about drugs or sex or drinking or anything. Mainly because I don't do any of that stuff. (I don't have a problem with other people talking about those things though) Sometimes I swear.

- I really like anime/manga/tv/movies. Sometimes I write about my favorite series and get a bit fangirl-ish.

That's about all, you can look at my interests on my profile if you want to know anything more specific. :D

I'm interested in becoming friends with anyone who wants to! Preferably those over the age of 21, but I won't disregard any super cool people under that age~!

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 So! Hello! I’m an 18 year old girl living in a random place in Europe, I’m in school so that’s … not such a big part of my life as it should be. Heh. Anyways, I spend most of my time either with friends, asleep or on the sofa with my laptop. (At least in the weekdays.)

I recently deleted my old lj, and my old tumblr, so this is my way of starting fresh. I post mostly about random stuff that’s going on in my life, music/movies/art/series I’m currently in love with, a rant every now and then. I might come of as slightly negative at times, but mostly that‘s just my humour. Irony isn‘t always obvious coming trough a screen. I don’t comment religiously, but if I’ve got something to say or if I simply find whatever you posted/wrote great/fabulous/brilliant I'll say something. Yep. 
I would like to “meet” some new people, I do find it interesting to read other people’s journals, blogs or whatever, so yeah, that’s basically it.

Just comment here or at my journal if you’re interested in a new lj-buddy, hehe.

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My name is John.  I will be 29 on Feb. 6th and I live in northern Michigan.  I live with my girlfriend Tennille ( <lj user="goldensnitch10"> ).  I work at Burger King (it's a living).  I love music and my girlfriend and I go to a lot of concerts, like Skillet, RED, Trapt, Seether, HIM, Halestorm, etc.  We've also been to the Warped Tour and we're going to the Big Ticket Festival this summer.  Some of my other favorite bands are Slipknot, Nine Inch Nails, Mason Proper, Motion City Soundtrack, Toby Mac, Metallica, Blue Man Group, Weird Al, The Beatles, Rammstein, etc.  They call me the  Music Man because I have 20,000 songs on my iTunes and I can name pretty much any band that's played to me, lol.  I also enjoy movies, especially comedies like 50 First Dates, Wedding Crashers, Back to the Future movies, Scott Pilgrim Vs. the World, Angus, The Rocky Horror Picture Show, etc.  I like watching court shows on TV, King of the Hill, The Steve Wilkos Show, Man Vs. Food, etc.  I like playing Rock Band and Guitar Hero games, games like Donkey Kong, Super Mario Brothers, Black Ops, and Borderlands.  I own an SNES, a PS3, an xBox 360 and a Wii.  I like to read, too.  I like Stephen King, Anne Rice, and Dean Koontz.  I also like manga, like Death Note.   I am a shy, quiet person.  I just like spending time at home with my girlfriend, plopped on my couch with my laptop, watching Netflix and drinking pop, lol.  I hope some of you might be interested in adding me.  Thanks!

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Hello. I'm Jodie. 22 years old from Ireland.
Most of my Livejournal friends have become inactive and don't post an awful lot any more and my journal has gotten boring to visit.
I'm on the hunt for some new and interesting friends!
My journal contains a whole bunch of pictures, sometimes none of them are under any cuts.
I love video games and have done ever since I was a little girl.
My favourite games at the moment are Final Fantasy, Kingdom Hearts, Legend Of Zelda and Chrono Trigger.
I still have my SNES and my N64. They are my pride and joy.
My apartment is full of consoles, controllers and games.

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Add me... please?

Name: Meghan
Age: 26

5+ top bands:
* Panic at the Disco
* Vampire Weekend
* Muse
* The White Stripes
* Arcade Fire

5+ top movies:
* Happy Feet
* Free Willy
* Flipper
* Andre
* Finding Nemo
* (shut up! I've got two young daughters and work in aquariums, haha. I don't get much time to watch anything -but- kids' movies)

5+ things about you:
* I graduated from University of Washington with a bachelor's in aquatic and fishery sciences with a marine biology minor.
* I recently moved back to the west coast after a few years out east working for Mystic Aquarium's research department.
* I'm a single mom of two beautiful girls, Julianna Marie (5) and Samantha Paige (3). I couldn't do it without help from my wonderful family!
* I'm planning on enrolling in the University of Oregon marine biology grad program in 2011.
* I'm an unabashed bike lover. And I don't mean the ones with pedals. I ride a black Honda CBR 600RR, and she's my third love in life, just (barely!) behind my daughters.

LJ friends goal: I'm just getting back into using livejournal, and would love to meet some other people who share interests -- or even who don't! I'm still fairly new to Eugene, so local would be awesome, but anywhere is just fine with me. :)

hi guys :)

Hi, I'm Morrigan (like the state Oregon with an M). :)  I'm 23, a grad student, working on my teaching credentials.  I'm also a special education resource teacher starting this year (scary!).  I'm a big nerd - really into thinks like Star Trek, X-Files, fantasy/sci-fi, online gaming, The Guild (best web series), Joss Whedon.  I tend to go on existential tirades a lot and analyze my own life.  I moved over from an old LJ to this new one.  I live in a small town full of ass backwards people, which I moved to two years ago and I'm still trying to figure out why I did that, haha.  I update often and comment often, too.