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Last night i had this really fucked up introspective thought process thing happen.... very weird, sorta like an outta body experience but not as it can't really be described properly

It's a very personal thing and if you've ever had such a thing happen or something similar than you'd understand that much more and I realize it sounds weird but it DID happen

I was getting so into the thought I was having and discussing that it was like I was fading farther away from what i was talking about, almost like passing out but not, (not like I was dying but just fading away from things in this "reality") then a bit later I seemt to go back into my body again like I shook myself back into it almost like after an out of body experience type thing

All in all it was very fucked up but what can I say..... it was fun and if it happens again at least I'll know how to handle it next time ya know!!!

Just thought I'd share........ Laters!
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oh people i cant update or check my lj much like i used to. iv been stayin at my bf's place a lot. i am seldom home. but i am truly happy right now. although we argue most of the time coz of our differences. he is anti-social while i am a clubber. he is a stoner while im an e-tard. he prefers crystal meth while i prefer coke. but then i am willing to compromise just to make this work. he has cool friends too and i enjoy being with them. we get blazed everyday. hmmm over all, im happy and contented.

oh yeh. i was helping my bf's group to draw a picture of a heart. its supposed to look like a real heart but i was so high that it turned out to be like this...

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and yeh TIESTO is coming. i dont think i can go though.

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Leaving =(

Since starting a full time job, I am just not on LJ like I used to be. I'm sorry guys, it's been fun, but I'm sure you've noticed that I never post or reply lately. With that, I bow out.


awww yeah its so fuckin sad. where are you people? im kinda busy with a lot of things lately but i dont want this community to be deleted. i promise to update more after my finals!

u should too!



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Why can't this community seem to grow?

It's weird and not fair cuz this community is cool and I've promoted but nothing seems to work which is weird

If this community doesn't become more active in my mind it will be deleted within a weeks time approx.

I love it here and don't wanna go so persuade me to stay!!!
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Today I bought HALF BAKED: FULLY BAKED EDITION and I look forward to watching it tonite while high as hell since tonite has to be so relaxing before I start work tomorrow cuz I haven't worked in awhile so it's gonna be a change on the body but well worth it after a night of blazing and laughing and munching.
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