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It's all about control. [entries|friends|calendar]

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[Tue, Jul 15th, 08 @ 3:03am ]

Name: Kate
ED: ED-NOS, recovoring bulimic with anorexic tendencies.
Height: 5'4
Current Weight: 118
Current BMI: 20.3 =[
Highest Weight: 150
Lowest Weight: 105
Have you been diagnosed by a doctor? Yes.
Have you been to rehab for an ED> No, I had to go to therapy for bulimia, but not any sort of rehab.
Pictures? (optional)
Anything you would like to add about your experiences with your ED? No, but I'll answer any questions you have.
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[Wed, Apr 25th, 07 @ 8:48am ]

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[Mon, Jan 29th, 07 @ 9:40pm ]


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smoking [Thu, Dec 7th, 06 @ 11:07pm ]

does it really help with weight loss? i go back and forth between smoking- and i need to loose fast fast FAST weight (in 7 days), so i am picking it up again for a little bit... but is it okay because i'm on birth control ?? hmm..

xo. <3
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[Sun, Jul 23rd, 06 @ 1:40pm ]

Application (please do not change or alter this application form)
Name: Krista
ED: Anorexia
Height: 5'7"
Current Weight: 107
Current BMI: 16.8
Highest Weight: 110
Lowest Weight: 103
Have you been diagnosed by a doctor? Yes..b>
Have you been to rehab for an ED? Out patient
Pictures? (optional)
Anything you would like to add about your experiences with your ED? It sucks? lol.. I think everyone here knows what it feels like.
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[Sun, Apr 16th, 06 @ 12:22am ]

what are the best green tea pills? how are MEGA T- Green Tea Pills? thankss xoxoxo
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[Thu, Apr 13th, 06 @ 4:55pm ]

if anyone is just starting a diet.. add me and we can help eachother.. i will REALLY need inspiration!!

the goal is 100 by June.. my current weight is 125 (and height is 5'6)

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[Tue, Jan 3rd, 06 @ 7:31am ]
i woke up to 98 pounds and feeling real dizzy. but i still look huge.. why the hell. i hate waterweight. i hate weight in general. i havnt eaten in 2 days and im hoping to get away with 3 but my parents are nazi's when it comes to eating.

im quitting smoking as well.. damn.

leave comments to help motivate me to get out of dinner. please? i could use the help. ill post thinspo when i get home.
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[Thu, Dec 29th, 05 @ 1:41am ]


just a few from the other day.Collapse )

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Locked. [Thu, Dec 8th, 05 @ 9:28pm ]

Member's Only!

Apply here.
Post your application as a comment to this post.
The application can be found here.

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