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_______sike's Journal

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Rating Community // Not Based On Looks // It's All About The Attitude, DAHLLINNN'

This community isn't based on looks, we're not fucking stuck up little bitches, unless you really piss us off & sure, there are plenty ways you could do that :D If your attitude isn't super, neither are you. Join the community & then fill out the application. You have 24 hours to do this, if you don't fill out an application within those 24 hours, with no valid reason posted, GOOODBYEEE TO YOUUU!

______♥ rules for applicants, kay?!

♥ Don't get cocky with our members, if you don't want to be judged, you shouldn't of came here.
♥ If you are rejected, don't delete your application, If you do this, I'll have to break your neck. p.s. this is a threat. :]
NO PICTURES WHEN FILLING OUT AN APPLICATION! If you post any picture while giving us your application, this will lead to an AUTOREJECT. Yes, I am calling you a reject & you will love it. :D
♥ Make all applications under an LJCUT. I made it simple for you, there's a cheat code for the application, somewhere below, damnit, quit being lazy && look.
♥ Be nice while you're still an applicant, kay? After you're accepted, be harsh, be rude, get chaa groove on.
♥ Did you read the rules? We're about to find out. When you are asked in the application, "Favorite Type Of Shoes", write "we rockin' stilletos hoe"
♥ PROMOTE! PROMOTE! PROMOTE! This will get you extra points & that's where it gets fun & you'll be the one throwing out autorejects & autoaccepts.
♥ Leave the drama to yo mama. Don't bring it, bitches.
♥ Do NOT change OR edit your application, fucktards. If you're not sure of your appication, review it before you submit it, simple as that. If you do submit it and you notice a typo, DO NOT I repeat, DO NOT freak out! Because, if someone votes no on the ONLY fact that you made a typo and they are like, "SHIZ FAWK OEMGEE SHIZ! YOU MADE A TYPO! NO AUTOREJECTZZZ YO AZZ KAY?!" Uh, we won't count their vote, they aren't God. they make typos, shit.

________ ♥ rules for membahhzz

♥ Respect the MOD's/CoMOD's, you get cocky & we pull out or magic stick & ban you for ETERRNNITTTY.
♥ When voting for someone make sure you put your vote [aka "yes" or "no" for you slow fucks.] in the subject line of your reply. If you don't do this, your vote doesn't count, unless the MODs love you!
♥ I don't mind if you promote, put the promotion under a LJ cut though, unless you're a MOD, that's all I ask.
♥ Don't vote on members only because of minor spelling mistakes. We all make OMFGTYPOzZ!ONE!11SHIFT okay? Thanks.

_______♥ the people who fkn own you.

liciamarie aim: captainjimbean ; email: aliciamarie88@yahoo.com ; myspace: http://www.myspace.com/8061164
burntoutstars89 aim: xburntoutstars89 ; email: burnoutstars89@gmail.com ; myspace: www.myspace.com/burntoutstars89
___motormouthxx aim: lissa youreastar ; email: sexualkittens_xx@yahoo.com//LissaYoureAStar@yahoo.com ; myspace: http://www.myspace.com/hotraunchysex

_______♥ the application

I made it easy for the slow people.

_______♥ membahhhz page.

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+ Accepted/Rejected Banners
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