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Name Susan
Age 16
Location Chicago
Sexuality Straight
Dating/Single/Married Single


Abortion: I’m pro-choice. I don’t like to argue about it, I won’t try to change your opinion, I just am pro-choice. I just think it’s a womens’ right. And since I’m a women (well more like a girl, still) I think, if I wanted to have an abortion it would be my right. I don’t necessarily think it’s right, but I just believe it’s a womens’ right.
Star Wars: You know, I’m not really into it. I didn’t stay up till 12 to go see the midnight showing of the new one, I haven’t even seen it yet. I guess i’m just not into that stuff. It’s ok though, I’ve seen the other two, they were pretty good.
Bush: Don’t like him. The only thing I agree with him on is death pentaly. Other then that, I don’t agree with anything he says. I just don’t like him. He’s made bad decisions, but who am I to judge? I couldn’t get up there and take his job, so I guess he’s doing ok, hardly. Gas Prices are insane.
Gay Marriage: I think if you love somebody you should be able to get married to them, no matter what sex they are or even color at that. If you love them, it’s a done deal. That’s another thing I don’t agree with Bush on.
Dresscode At Schools: I think it’s ok to a certain extent. But my school is going overboard with the uniforms. It’s so boring to see people walking around with the same stuff on. I can see somewhat where they’re coming from, but I def. wish there was no uniforms. But some dress code is ok.
No Smoking In Public Places Policy: My Dad Smokes. I don’t have much of an opinion on it, it might be better for everything, but. Actually I agree with it, if you just smoke when your home it’s ok. But it’s one of those addictions and I know if my dad doesn’t have one for awhile he gets crabby. So I think they should somewhat ban smoking in public but not. I don’t know if that makes sense.

(list atleast five each.)

1. The Shaun White Album
2. Out Cold
3. Grind
4. Blue Crush
5. Thirteen
6. The Nightmare before Christmas
7. Old School
1. Hot Hot Heat ♥
2. The Vines
3. Taking Back Sunday
4. The Used
5. H.I.M.
1. Paul Walker
2. Vin Diesel
3. Vince Vaughan (sp?)
4. Will Ferrell
5. The Guy who played Eric Rivers in Grind
1. Kate Bosworth
2. Ana Gasteyer (Just saw her perform in Wicked last night, amazing.)
3. Michelle Rodriguez
I don’t really have any more favorite actresses sorry.
1. No Not Now- Hot Hot Heat
2. Autumn Shade/Autumn Shade part two-The Vines
3. The Cover of Ms. Jackson done by the Vines
4. Slowdance on the Inside- Taking Back Sunday
5. Blue and Yellow- The Used

Let Us Know..

Describe yourself in five words. Funny, Cool, crazy, laid-back, and entertaining.
What are your favorite kind of shoes? we rockin' stilletos hoe.
Make us laugh. Image hosted by
Your favorite memory My 8th Grade year. For some people this was the worst year, some the best. It wasn’t even the best year for me, I just like it a lot, kinda miss it, but it’s in the past. Being a little kid too, good times.
What means the world to you? Friends, they really do. I love my dog a lot too. My parents, even though we get into a lot of fights, but later on it’ll be better. Snowboarding, Skateboarding.
What is your biggest fear? Dolls. Yeah, they really freak me out. Not chucky but those American Girl dolls, I had three. I had to move them from my room to my basement I was so scared. I would lie in bed at night and think about...”what if I’m sleeping and they stab me in the back” yeah. I sold them, I couldn’t take it anymore.

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