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i don't have a best friend, BFF, whatever the fuck you wanna call them.
i actually find them extremely overrated 'cause they're not all they're cracked up to be.

but i show you my close friends.

we'll start with

I met Amanda in 7th grade, because we were in the same cluster.
(our school divided each grade into 3 groups, A B C).
We had tons of fun on our Washington DC trip.

So yea, we've been friends since then. & we go to shows together.
& we act crazyyyy in front of the camera before we go.
because we get super-hyped for them. 'cause we ♥ The Autumn After.

next is

I met him in preschool at Immanuel Lutheran when we were 3.
We were bestest buddies from the start.
I even wrote him a "love note".
But we lost touch after 2nd grade, because I started going to public school & he stayed at ILS.

Who woulda guessed he'd come to my middle school in 6th grade?!
So yes, we were reunited & i love him.
'cause were like brother & sister. duhh.

now we have

Me & Erin go pretty far back too.
I met her in kindergarten at Girl Scouts and then she was in my 1st and 2nd grade class.
We had alot alot of fun.
& we still have lots of fun today.
we worked at a camp from August 8th - 12th together, but i don't have those pictures yet.

and that's all.
i am very tempted to rant about my ex-bff.
but i don't feel like wasting the time on her.


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