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So, last week I went to the beach for a few days. I went for Ashley's (my bestfriend) Sarah (Ashley's niece) 9th birthday party. Here are the pictures:

So it started out inocently, here's the pretty cake Sarah made all by herself..

Then after drinking three sips on a wine cooler [she is only 9] she think's she's drunk & sticks her face in the cake..

Her little sister, Cameron, see's this & of course.. she wants to be like her big sister!

Now this little boy, Cory, the brother, may look innocent..

But he's just as crazy as the rest!!

Atleast in the end Sarah & her best friend Taylor are happy 9 year old drunks..

Now, after we have talked about young drunks, let's look at a 20 year old drunk after a few beers.. Also known as my best friend Ashley..

So, now.. I'll be the weird one. Yes, I'm a senior in high school & in this picture you see me eating glue..

But, after an exciting night of glue eating, 3 AM hits & I look like complete crap but, it doesn't keep me from showing the world :D

You guys have a great night!♥

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